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Monday, July 20, 2015

Updates since last meeting (on Monday, July 13th):

Scrolling (skobes, szager) []

and we don't necessarily know how much work remains, plan is to turn

on root layer scrolling unconditionally and then run all he tests in

order to see how many test failures we have and then use that as a

burn-down list. Obviously progress isn't linear with the number of

test failures but should give us a rough idea and a way to track

progerss. (szager)

CSS Flexbox (cbiesinger) []

CSS Grid Layout (svillar) []

Region-based multi-column support (mstensho) []

Add API for layout (leviw, pilgrim, ojan) []

Isolate core/fetch (japhet) []

CSS Test Suites (jsbell, kojii)

Text (eae, drott, kojii)

will unblock work to enable the complex path by default. (kojii)

logic. Have a good understanding of the system and working on adding

tests to ensure that we do not regress and that our system has good

test coverage. (drott)

at the moment, looking into why and working on improving our

font selection tests. (drott)