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Monday, March 9, 2015

Performance Tracking (benjhayden)

Scrolling (skobes) []

scroll implementation.

Rename Rendering -> Layout (dsinclair) []

layoutObjectIs*, and createRenderer* to createLayoutObject*.

Measure API (jchaffraix)


isolation or if it only makes sense as part of as part of custom

layout. If you have a use case reach out to jchaffraix.

Line Boxes (hartmanng, szager) []

linux, looking into windows at the moment. Mostly false positives,

some actual failures. (hartmanng)

the best use of my time. Will mark broken tests as broken going

forward to unblock the conversion work. (szager)

Flexbox (cbiesinger) []

change took all of last week. Still dealing with test failures.

Isolate core/fetch (japhet) []

Blink componentization (pilgrim) []


Text (kojii, wjmaclean, eae)

easier to understand. Many misnamed and confusing methods, tyring to

rationalize that. (wjmaclean)

speedup for line-layout and text perf tests. (eae)

in up to 15% speedup for complex text perf tests, ~3-5% for simple

text. (kojii)


they are doing the right thing. Will help with infra work as needed.


bug, was an invalidation bug. (wkroman)