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Thursday, April 2, 2015: Q1/Q2 OKRs

Attendees: eae, slightlyoff, benjhayden, bnutter, cbiesinger, dsinclair, dglazkov, jchaffraixm, kojiim, nduca, skobes Graded Q1 OKRs: Q2 OKRs: Q1 Evaluation

<eae> Let's talk about tasks we spent significant amounts of time on that was not covered by our OKRs. From draft doc:

[ O: Gain insight into real world layout performance. ] [ KR: Have a report characterizing layout performance for all layout scenarios. - benjhayden ] <eae> Could you explain what we mean by layout scenarios? <benjhayden> That is part of the goal, we know load layout is different from animation layout and incremental layout. Yet both can do a lot of the same work. We're still trying to figure out what it means. <jchaffraix> Is this layout classes? Load vs animation? <benjhayden> There are different types of animation layout, think moves vs gets taller. Most layouts are a mix of many types, there is a lot to figure out. It is a bit ill-defined at the moment. <dsinclar> Could you add some words to make that more clear? Wasn't obvious what it meant, I thought it was layout classes. <benjhayden> That is part of it, we need to know what is text layout vs block, load vs incremental etc. Lots of work to define. <jchaffraix> This needs better wording. <dsinclar> Should we split it into two KRs? One for moving on page, other for what we call layout classes in blink? <jchaffraix> We don't know the granularity. <eae> Having a report split on a couple of different axis would be useful, we don't know what the axis are yet though so being more specific is hard. <benjhayden> Having a report is a good key result, figuring out how to present the data is part of the objective. [ O: Improve high-level layout design. ] [ KR: Have design document for grand node measure refactoring. ] [ - jchaffraix ] [ KR: List markers not modifying layout tree during layout (in dev). ] [ - dsinclair ] [ KR: Initial implementation of menu item not modifying layout tree during layout (in canary). -dsinclair ] <jchaffraix> For those that haven't been following along, we've started talking about element measure and display outside/inside. Both requires changes to how we handle the tree during layout in significant ways. Wondering if we have to do this work up front to support other goals or we can make the architecture better as we go along. <eae> This unblocks further work down the road, things in pipeline now and things we want to do in the future. <jchaffraix> Still early on, we're coming up with a broad proposal. <dsinclar> I'd like to better understand the use cases for people that ask about containment vs measure. <jchaffraix> I'll share a document with use cases. <jchaffraix> The KR here is to come up with a design document, guided by the vision that we're still trying to define. <jchaffraix> It might require that we remove all of the instances where me modify the tree during layout. <bnutter> This KR has a lot of owners, each one should have a single person responsible for keeping track/be in charge. <eae> Good point, first one listed is in charge. <jchaffraix> I'm in charge of the design document one. [ O: Support standards efforts. ] [ KR: Ensure that custom layout spec is compatible with our vision. ] [ - jchaffraix, eae ] [ KR: Ensure that text measurement spec is compatible with our vision. ] [ - eae ] <eae> These KRs are poorly worded, are about staying involved in the process and making sure that the spec stays compatible with our goals and that we can/want to implement them. <slightlyoff> Who is in charge for the text measurement one? You Emil? <eae> Yeah, text is on me. <slightlyoff> Great, then I'm not worried. <bnutter> This isn't really measurable. <slightlyoff> Having a public github repo and discussion with other vendors might be a better goal? <eae> Makes sense to me. <slightlyoff> Will be a demonstration. <dgalzkov> As I understand it this is about us trying to be good sports, clearing the way for houdini spec work. <eae> Right, it is a bit hard to define what false on us vs houdini and the other teams though. <bnutter> I'm not concerned about who owns it. It doesn't have to be an OKR, not all work you do needs to be. Writing a spec would be a good goal but that doesn't seem to be what this is about. <eae> Some very good points, this might not make sense as a set of explicit goals. Let's talk about it offline and move along. [ O: Improve capabilities of the web platform. [ KR: Have an experimental out-of-tree node measure API. - jchaffraix ] <eae> This might be a little bit too ambitious, might be blocked by the high-level design re-architecture work. <jchaffraix> The Q1 goals where scoped too narrow in this regard, I think it is doable and want us to have stretch goals. [ O: Rationalize text rendering. ] [ KR: Make complex text as fast as simple text. - eae, szager, kojii ] [ KR: Remove the simple text code path. - eae, szager, kojii ] <eae> Now this is a very ambitious set of goals, complex text is about seven (7) times slower than complex at the moment. <eae> Go big or go home, right? <cbiesinger> Is this about making Arabic as fast as English? <eae> No, it is about making English text going down the complex path as fast as the same English text going down the simple path. <cbiesinger> Ok, sounds more doable. <eae> Still a ton of work and in practice this will significantly narrow, if not completely close, the gap between scripts. Performance will be more about whether ligatures are used or not. English can use ligatures. [ O: Improve code health. ] [ KR: Move line layout to LayoutUnit. - szager, dsinclair ] [ KR: Finish root layer scrolling. - skobes ] [ KR: Fix 30% of clusterfuzz asserts. - cbiesinger ] [ KR: Ensure that bugs get automatically filed for clusterfuzz asserts. - cbiesinger ] <eae> Dan, do you want to take this one? <dsinclair> Sure. As for line layout this KR is about finishing the work we are doing now - carrying the Q1 goal forward. <skobes> For root layer scrolling it is mostly things we are already doing. <jchaffraix> Sounds good. Moving on to clusterfuzz, is this work we want to be doing? Should we continue with it? <eae> I'm not sure. <cbiesinger> Are you talking about stopping the work to fix asserts? <jchaffraix> Is this work something we as a team thing is really important? If not we should focus on broader team goals. Perf, developer productivity and code health. <cbiesinger> Debug builds are unusable due to assertions, hampers developer productivity. Many of the asserts might be real bugs that we don't know about. <jchaffraix> We might have bigger fish to fry? <christan> I want to keep doing it and think it is important. Perhaps not at the highest priority? <dsinclair> How about we drop fix 30% goal and file bugs for asserts then fix them ad-hoc? <christan> Good idea. <eae> Sounds reasonable, I agree with Christian that it is important and work we should be doing. Having Christian do all the work himself and in bulk is not a good use of his time though. [ O: Improve web compatibility. [ KR: Update flexbox implementation to match latest version of specification. - cbiesinger ] <dglazkov> We should think about interoperability as function of productivity, we need to thing about how much time a developer spends on something like flexbox interoperability between implementations. <jchaffraix> I raised the same problem, web compat can or cannot be out of scope depending on impact on developer productivity. How do we prioritize web compat vs other things we want to do. <cbiesinger> I want to continue with flexbox spec changes, think they are important. Firefox and IE are mostyl compatible now, we're very different. <eae> The other vendors are compatible, we are not. This makes life hard for developers. I think this is really important, especially since flexbox is one of the flagship layout primitives that we're trying to push developers towards. <jchaffraix> Sounds reasonable, just wanted to have the discussion. <eae> I'm glad you bought it up, that is one of the key reasons we're having these meetings. [ KR: Import w3c test suites. - cbiesinger ] <jchaffraix> Could you explain this one Christian? <cbiesinger> Relatively easy to do right now, we have a script that does it. Need to figure out what to do about failing tests. <cbiesinger> Perhaps we should just import with failures and add to TestExpectations? <eae> Josh might work on this so it could be out of scope for us. We should sync up with him and his team. [ KR: Improve CJK vertical text support - kojii ] [ internal discussion, redacted ] [ KR: Raise the “Passed” rate of CSS Writing Modes Level 3 - kojii ] <eae> Do you want to talk about writing mode as well? <kojii> We do worse than most browsers, see