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2015 Q3

List of objectives and key results for the third quarter of 2015.



Update flexbox implementation to match latest version of specification

Owner(s):cbiesinger Score:

Remove page zoom

Owner(s):eae, blink-style Score:

(shared with style team)

Updated Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm

Owner(s):kojii Score:

Unprefix CSS Writing modes

Owner(s):kojii Score:

Improve font fallback

Owner(s):drott Score:

Spec work for houdini block & line custom layout

Owner(s):ikilpatrick Score:

Have all calls into block layout go through well defined API

Owner(s):leviw Score:

Have a clear understanding of the cost/complexity of custom layout.

Owner(s):leviw, ikilpatrick Score:

Finish root layer scrolling

Owner(s):skobes, szager Score:

Remove simple text code path

Owner(s):eae,drott Score:

Owner(s):drott Score:

Triage all incoming layout bugs within one week

Owner(s):eae Score:

Reduce bug count by 30%

Owner(s):eae Score:

Reduce unnecessarily forced layouts

Owner(s): Score:

Add UMA tracking & monitoring for different types of layout

Owner(s): Score:

(initial vs lifecycle)

Brainstorm/plan devtools/rail score/layout integration

Owner(s): Score:

Owner(s): Score:

Make progress on viewability/measure for the ads use case

Owner(s): Score: