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2016 Q1

List of objectives and key results for 2016 Q1.



Ship CSS Containment as experimental feature to stable.

Owner(s):leviw Score:

Gather data on number of third party iframes loaded but never viewed.

Owner(s):szager Score:

Collect metrics and do analysis on forced layouts.

Owner(s):cbiesinger Score:

Stretch: Reduce number of forced layouts for one common trigger.

Owner(s):cbiesinger Score:

Common triggers include: - I'm an iframe and need to know my size (clientHeight/width) - I'm an iframe or component and need to know if i'm visible. (scrollTop, etc) - I want to lazyload images or components when the user gets closer (scrollTop) - I'm a metrics script and need to report the window size (window.clientWidth, etc) - I need to set my dimensions based on the computed width/height of something else. (clientHeight/Width) - Need to set focus(), because new component is active. (elem.focus()) - I'm jQuery or Modernizr and use computed style to identify features or bugs.

Ship intersection observer to stable.

Owner(s):ojan, szager Score:

Stretch: pay down technical depth by moving things to use the intersection observer infrastructure, such as: - render throttling for offscreen - video auto play

Spec for custom layout.

Owner(s):blink-houdini, ikilpatrick Score:

Finish up worklet implementation.

Owner(s):blink-houdini, ikilpatrick Score:

Help Audio & CW folks transition as needed.

Socialize resize observers specification.

Owner(s):atotic, blink-houdini Score:

Collect data on percentage margin usage.

Owner(s):eae Score:

Ship updated absolute position behavior for flexbox to stable.

Owner(s):cbiesinger Score:

Upstream 75% of our flexbox test to w3c.

Owner(s):cbiesinger Score:

Make progress on text autosizing spec

Owner(s):pdr Score:

(20% project)

Evangelize CSS containment and get another browser to commit to it.

Owner(s):blink-houdini, leviw, shanestephens Score:

Root layer scrolling passing all unit tests.

Owner(s):skobes Score:

Design doc for internal layout api

Owner(s):leviw Score:

Including feasibility study for supporting a custom-layout style API in conjunction with our legacy layout implementation.

Line layout API analysis document

Owner(s):dgrogan, leviw, pilgrim Score:

Have an analysis document detailing the current organic API and a plan for transitioning towards the API we'd like. Make decision, based on document, whether the exercise was useful and if so if we should continue with the rest of the layout API.

Stretch: Ruby on top of custom layout as experimental web platform feature on trunk.

Owner(s):kojii Score:

Ship emoji & punctuation fallback overhaul on all platforms.

Owner(s):drott Score:

Feasibility study for replacing flipped blocks writing mode implementation.

Owner(s):wkorman Score:

Ship improved web typography to beta.

Owner(s):drott Score:

Triage all incoming bug reports within one week and eliminate backlog.

Owner(s):eae Score:

Fix all new P1 bug reports within one release.

Owner(s):eae Score:

This is a bit o a stretch given that we don't yet have a team-wide definition of a P1 bug but nevertheless it is something we really should try to do!

Start to make vertical rhythm on the web easier.

Owner(s):kojii Score:

Prototype scroll anchoring on layout.

Owner(s):skobes Score: - user facing feature and a prerequisite for many potential user agent interventions.