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Web Capabilities (Project Fugu 🐡)

Web developers, check out the developer-facing Project Fugu 🐡 homepage!


Project Fugu 🐡 is an effort to close gaps in the web's capabilities enabling new classes of applications to run on the web. The developer-friendly landing page of the project is The list of in-process APIs is available at APIs that Project Fugu is delivering enable new experiences on the web while preserving the web's core benefits of security, low-friction, and cross-platform delivery. All Project Fugu API proposals are made in the open and on the standards track. Fugu is organized as Chromium project, open to all Chromium contributors and organizations. Today, that includes Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, and Google (among others). Fugu Leads triage incoming requests from partners, determine demand, prioritize them, find champions, track development, and help organize the release and documentation for the capability.

Bridging the native app gap (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)


Mailing List:

Slack Channel: #fugu on @chromium

Capability Process

Guideline and template: This is the guideline and template to be used by Chrome developers who are about to introduce a new capability. It outlines the process and when to reach out to specific people.

DevRel Process for Fugu Capabilities: A guide on how we will approach Fugu capabilities, including how we gather developer demand, externalize our steps, and generate blog posts / tutorials.

Developer Updates Status page: Public list showing the status of current capabilities.

Specific Capabilities & Prioritization model

We prioritize capabilities by which partners we enable or improve by a given capability.

Full list of capabilities: Every capability that is currently considered as part of Fugu

Bug Tracking Process: Information on how we track bugs & partners through crbug, as well as the meaning of different labels

Monthly Meetings

To share updates on capabilities work and discuss opportunities and priorities, we have monthly video chat meetings. The meetings are open to all Chromium contributors working on Fugu capabilities, regardless of affiliation. Note that these meetings tend to be high level, and don't dive into technical details. For an invite to the meeting ask on the #fugu channel on or email Agendas for upcoming meetings and notes for past meetings are captured in a shared Notes Doc