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Accessibility: Assistive technology support

To discuss the use of Chrome with assistive technology, please join the chromium-accessibility group.

A screen reader is one type of assistive technology used by visually impaired users, or users with other disabilities, who need the screen described to them, often using synthesized text-to-speech or via a refreshable braille display.

A magnifier is another type of assistive technology, for users with low-vision. It may magnify the entire screen or only a portion of the screen. It might additionally provide extra visual cues to help the user find the cursor and the current focused control.

Chrome is compatible with many screen readers and magnifiers.

In addition, Accessibility APIs can be used for automation or testing.

Supported Assistive Technology

We test Chrome with recent versions of the following assistive technology:

This assistive technology may work:

Getting the latest version of Chrome

If you are reporting bugs, please test the "Canary" version of Chrome, which can be installed alongside the standard version you already have installed. It helps a lot to know if the bug reproduces in the latest version or not.

Chrome Canary download instructions

Please report bugs at (redirects to

If you will be trying Chrome with a Windows screen reader, you may want to read the page on Keyboard Access first.

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