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Bookmarks can be added using the star in the location bar. The dialog that appears can be dismissed by focusing elsewhere, otherwise user actions take place immediately.

The star may also be dragged onto the bookmarks bar in order to add a bookmark to a specific location.

Bookmarks Bar


The bookmarks bar is the home of all of the bookmarks the user creates. We wished to avoid creating multiple separate locations for bookmarks as each additional section is yet another location to lose things in. While this reduces the categorization and access options, it covers the most frequent uses of bookmarks.

The 'Other Bookmarks' folder is a special, right-aligned always-visible folder that is a dumping ground for bookmarks that the user doesn't want to show in their prime bookmarks area (the left side). The bookmarks bar is not visible by default, but is shown as part of the new tab page so that people who dislike the use of real estate can still easily access their bookmarks at the start of a navigational task. It can be permanently shown by user option, and toggled with Ctrl+B.

Basic UX Issues

Common Feature Requests

Bookmarks management Tagging We can implement tagging as a layer on top of folders. More research needs to be done here. Multiple-location bookmarks A consequence of having a 'star' toggle for a given URL is that the bookmark location becomes a property of the URL, making it hard to locate a bookmark in multiple places - if a bookmark existed in two folders, which folder would you see if you went to that page and clicked on the star to edit the bookmark? Other browsers have a similar model, with the following approach:

Multiple access points for 'add bookmark' functionality We could add Bookmark this page to the context and page menus, though it's a touchy issue given the extra space required.