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Service workers

For Web Developers

What is service worker?

See the service worker documentation at Mozilla Developer Network.


Working with a service worker is a little different than normal debugging. Check out Service Worker Debugging for details.

Track Status

Service workers shipped in Chrome 40 (which was promoted to stable channel in January 2015).

Is Service Worker Ready? tracks the implementation status of service worker at a fine-grained, feature-by-feature level in many popular browsers.

File Bugs

Go to and include "service worker" in the summary. You should get a response from an engineer in about one week.

If the browser crashed while you were doing Service Worker development, go to chrome://crashes and cut and paste the Crash ID into the bug report. This kind of bug report is very valuable to us. (If you do not see crashes in chrome://crashes it may be because you chose not to send usage statistics and crash reports to Google. You can change this option in chrome://settings .)

To give feedback about service worker that is not specific to Chromium, use W3C's public-webapps mailing list. Use the spec issue tracker to file bugs against the service worker spec.


For detailed questions about usage: ask us on StackOverflow with the "service-worker" tag.

For important announcements and technical discussion about Service Worker, join us at

...interested web developers are welcome to poke around too!