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You can check out lab-based test devices using a tool called crosfleet. This can be useful for testing, especially when debugging device-specific issues or when you need a device with specific config for WiFi/Cellular.


  1. Follow the setup instructions at go/crosfleet-cli
  2. Complete the SSH setup described in go/chromeos-lab-duts-ssh.


You can lease a device by model, board, or hostname. The lease will last 60 minutes by default, but this can be configured. For example:

crosfleet dut lease -model atlas -minutes 120
crosfleet dut lease -board octopus
crosfleet dut lease -host chromeos2-row7-rack4-host33
crosfleet dut lease -dims label-pool:cellular -minutes 480
crosfleet dut lease -board guybrush -dims label-pool:wificell -minutes 480

Because the hostname describes the physical location of the DUT, you can request multiple devices in physical proximity by incrementing the host address:

crosfleet dut lease -host chromeos2-row7-rack4-host33
crosfleet dut lease -host chromeos2-row7-rack4-host32

With this method you can lease devices that are within Bluetooth range of each other.


Connecting over SSH is as straightforward as ssh <host>.

To connect over CRD, follow the instructions at go/arc-wfh#remote-desktop. There are a few gotchas:

Flash image and run tests

Example of flashing a locally built image and running a tast test on the leased DUT:

# Outside the chroot.
~/chromiumos % src/platform/dev/contrib/corp-ssh-helper-helper/
# In chroot in a different terminal.
cros flash chromeos2-row7-rack4-host33 octopus/latest
tast run chromeos2-row7-rack4-host33 login.Chrome