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Running IGT tests on ChromeOS

IGT GPU Tools is a collection of tools for development and testing of the DRM drivers that includes low-level tools and tests specifically for development and testing of the DRM Drivers.

In ChromeOS, we support both KMS tests and Chamelium tests

IGT can run in 3 different ways. They all accomplish the same thing (running the tests) but each can be used for different context (production vs fast development).

This document assumes you have a Chromebook that you can ssh to, and are able to emerge and deploy packages to your DUT. If not, please start with this Developer Guide. For Chamelium tests, it also assumes that you have a working reachable Chamelium device.

The document uses the ChromeOS typography convention.

Important References

Source code and everything in between to run, develop and test IGT.

ChromiumOS Internal


Tast Test

IGT can run as a tast test on Chromebooks. The advantage of this is that you run everything from your development machine and get a test result at the end without fiddling with the DUT. This is the method used in the testing labs so your tast result would match the lab result.

How to run an IGT Tast

  1. Get the Test Suite name This is the name of your test func in your Go file. Look for Func: SUITE_NAME. e.g.
  1. Get the test name e.g.
  1. To run IGT KMS
  1. To run IGT Chamelium

drop the cros_sdk if you're already (inside) chroot

There are only 3 possible results:

  1. SKIP (if the tast is running on an unsupported configuration)
  2. FAIL
  3. PASS (which includes skips from within the test if a condition is not met, typically from an igt-require() call)


Individual tests

You can build the tests and deploy them (all together or individually) and run them locally on your DUT. This is used more for development as you get to see the tests running in action and see all the logs (verbose if needed). Also useful to run a test on an unsupported device that's not part of tast dependencies such as kms_hdr on kohaku.

You can deploy individual tests or altogether (explained below), but building them goes through the same process.

Build/Compile IGT tests

(outside)$ cros_sdk cros-workon-${BOARD} start igt-gpu-tools(you only need this one time)

(outside)$ cros_sdk emerge-${BOARD} igt-gpu-tools

Deploy all tests to your DUT

(outside)$ cros_sdk cros deploy <DUT IP> igt-gpu-tools --root /usr/local

You MUST add --root /usr/local to end up in the right location.

Deploy an individual test to your DUT

Find the output file and scp it. it would look like this:

(outside)$ scp /sda/cros/chroot/build/${BOARD}/usr/libexec/igt-gpu-tools/<test name> <DUT IP>:///usr/local/libexec/igt-gpu-tools

<test name> is the IGT test name such as kms_vrr, kms_chamelium_frame,...

Run a single test on your DUT

(outside)$ ssh <DUT IP>

(device)$ cd /usr/local/libexec/igt-gpu-tools

(device)$ stop ui

(device)$ ./<test name> (i.e. ./kms_plane)

Configure the device to run a chamelium test

For a chamelium test, all the steps above are valid, but there is a one-time thing (per DUT image) that needs to be done to tell your DUT how to find its associated chamelium. The full documentation is found here

  1. ssh to your DUT (you would be accessing through root@)
  2. Remove rootfs verification if you haven't already (device)$ sudo /usr/share/vboot/bin/ --remove_rootfs_verification -f
  3. Create a new file on your DUT ~/.igtc
  4. Add the following in .igtc (Modify it as needed: especially the URL(leave the port number as 9992) and ChameliumPortID)
# The path to dump frames that fail comparison checks


# IP address of the Chamelium
# The ONLY mandatory field (the rest of the file can be blank yet IGT will be usable)
# Replace the URL below by yours

# The ID of the chamelium port <> DUT port mapping
# DUT port can be found using `modetest -c`
# Replace the IDs below by yours
# It's an optional field. When no set, Chamelium will perform autodiscovery.

The above steps can be generated automatically to you using

Running Chameleon Tast tests (NOT IGT)

This section is not directly related to IGT, but it's useful for testing Chameleon using Chrome

Tast vs IGT

Running a Chameleon Tast test


  1. My changes aren't being reflected when I run the test

    a. The build could be not picking up your changes. Make sure you do (outside)$ cros_sdk cros-workon-${BOARD} start igt-gpu-tools

    b. You could be deploying to the wrong place. Make sure you append --root /usr/local to (outside)$ cros_sdk cros deploy <DUT IP> igt-gpu-tools

  2. Deploying to DUT is failing: Missing deps

    a. You could be missing some dependencies. Try doing:

(outside)$ cros_sdk emerge-${BOARD} sys-libs/llvm-libunwind  && cros_sdk cros deploy <DUT IP> sys-libs/llvm-libunwind
(outside)$ cros_sdk emerge-${BOARD} x11-libs/libpciaccess  && cros_sdk cros deploy <DUT IP> x11-libs/libpciaccess
(outside)$ cros_sdk emerge-${BOARD} dev-libs/xmlrpc-c  && cros_sdk cros deploy <DUT IP> dev-libs/xmlrpc-c
(outside)$ cros_sdk emerge-${BOARD} sci-libs/gsl  && cros_sdk cros deploy <DUT IP> sci-libs/gsl
b. If you get an error that looks like
WARNING: One or more repositories have missing repo_name entries:
NOTE: Each repo_name entry should be a plain text file containing a
unique name for the repository on the first line.
!!! CONFIG_PROTECT is empty for '/usr/local/'
!!! Problem with sandbox binary. Disabling...
!!! Problem with sandbox binary. Disabling...
!!! Problem resolving dependencies for /usr/local/tmp/cros-deploy/tmp.pQJ4RK7iu1/packages/x11-apps/igt-gpu-tools-99.1.25.tbz2

emerge: there are no binary packages to satisfy "dev-libs/json-c" for /usr/local/.

(dependency required by "x11-apps/igt-gpu-tools-99.1.25::chromeos-intel-internal-override" [binary])
(dependency required by "/usr/local/tmp/cros-deploy/tmp.pQJ4RK7iu1/packages/x11-apps/igt-gpu-tools-99.1.25.tbz2" [argument])
Calculating dependencies
*** emerging by path is broken and may not always work!!!
... done!
cmd=['ssh', '-oConnectTimeout=30', '-oConnectionAttempts=4', '-oNumberOfPasswordPrompts=0', '-oProtocol=2', '-oServerAliveInterval=10', '-oServerAliveCountMax=3', '-o
StrictHostKeyChecking=no', '-oUserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null', '-oIdentitiesOnly=yes', '-i', '/tmp/ssh-tmp5vt8a_td/testing_rsa', 'root@', '--', 'FEATURES=-sa
ndbox', 'PKGDIR=/usr/local/tmp/cros-deploy/tmp.pQJ4RK7iu1/packages', 'PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT=/usr/local', 'PORTAGE_TMPDIR=/usr/local/tmp/cros-deploy/tmp.pQJ4RK7iu1/portag
e-tmp', 'PORTDIR=/usr/local/tmp/cros-deploy/tmp.pQJ4RK7iu1', "CONFIG_PROTECT='-*'", 'PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/sbin', 'emerge', '--
usepkg', '--ignore-built-slot-operator-deps=y', '--root', '/usr/local', '/usr/local/tmp/cros-deploy/tmp.pQJ4RK7iu1/packages/x11-apps/igt-gpu-tools-99.1.25.tbz2'], ext
ra env={'LC_MESSAGES': 'C'}

You will see above a line explaining the missing dependency: emerge: there are no binary packages to satisfy "dev-libs/json-c".

You need to emerge and deploy the missing package to your DUT (only need to do it one time). i.e.

(outside)$ cros_sdk emerge-${BOARD} dev-libs/json-c && cros_sdk cros deploy <DUT IP> dev-libs/json-c
  1. Running Tasts on DUT is failing: DUT software features

If your DUT is missing software features and your error message looks like:

2021-05-07T17:43:11.013594Z Building local_test_runner, cros, remote_test_runner, cros
2021-05-07T17:43:11.821523Z Built in 808ms
2021-05-07T17:43:11.821585Z Pushing executables to target
2021-05-07T17:43:12.045178Z Pushed executables in 224ms (sent 0 B)
2021-05-07T17:43:12.870143Z Failed to run tests: failed to get DUT software features: can't check test deps; no software features reported by DUT

For debugging, it is legitimate to override tast with this option (-checktestdeps=false) as your stateful partition might be in a bad state. To fix, do

(outside)$ cros_sdk tast run -checktestdeps=false <DUT_IP> graphics.IGT.kms_*
  1. [Google-only] Building to Skylab DUT is failing: context deadline exceeded

if you can't connect to your Skylab DUT and your error looks like

2021-05-07T17:39:07.908035Z Connecting to skylab.cros
2021-05-07T17:39:17.908447Z Failed to connect to skylab.cros: context deadline exceeded

Make sure you have the right ProxyCommand in place and this workaround to enable skylab from chroot.

  1. If the test isn't starting on the DUT: Can't become DRM master

if you see this error on your DUT

Test requirement: __igt_device_set_master(fd) == 0
Can't become DRM master, please check if no other DRM client is running.

Make sure the UI is stopped on your DUT by doing (device)$ stop ui

  1. If the test isn't starting on the DUT: version not found

if your error looks like

./kms_dp_aux_dev: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.30' not found (required by /usr/local/lib64/

Likely due to an uprev of the libraries, resulting in a mismatch between ChromeOS and userspace. Getting the most recent ChromeOS image on your DUT should fix the problem.