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Google Storage

What bucket can I use for testing?

If you are a Googler, you can use gs://chromeos-throw-away-bucket for testing. Keep in mind that the contents can be read or deleted by anyone at Google.

We also have another similar bucket named gs://chromeos-shared-team-bucket . Probably using gs://chromeos-throw-away-bucket makes more sense since it is clear that the contents there can be deleted by anyone at Google.

If you are not a Googler, you should create your own bucket in Google Storage.


How do I force emerge to use prebuilt binaries?

emerge -g --usepkgonly
(Note: The --getbinpkg only flag for emerge does not actually work)

How do I check the USE flags for a package I am emerging?

Emerge will tell you what USE flags are used when the -pv flags are provided e.g.

emerge-$BOARD chromeos-chrome -pv


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