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For general user help, please try the Google Chrome Help Center.

You can subscribe to the following groups to get project updates and discuss the Chromium projects, and to get help in developing for Chromium-based browsers:


General Chromium discussion, ideas and suggestions should go here. This is a high-volume mailing list, and in general is the right list to post to as a default if you are unsure of exactly where you should post. Topical posts include items such as ideas for new features or the improvement of existing features, questions or comments around the high level design of Chromium, and other high-level topics that are not necessarily focused on the actual engineering or implementation of code.


This is the main group for discussing the Chromium OS project. Use this list to discuss ideas for new features, how to improve existing features, the high-level design of Chromium OS, and other topics that are not focused on the actual engineering or implementation of code.


This group is for people who are creating extensions for Chromium or Google Chrome.


This group is for people who are creating installable web apps for Chromium or Google Chrome.


This is the group to help with questions about how to use these new APIs from HTML5 (and other standards groups) that are now available for use within Chromium and Google Chrome, the extensions framework and Google Chrome OS.


This group is for discussing compatibility and use of Chromium or Google Chrome with assistive technology such as screen readers.

Note: On 1/21/2010 we switched our mailing lists to be hosted on Posts before that date for the above lists are available at chromium-discuss, chromium-os-discuss, and chromium-extensions.

If you're interested in implementation details of the Chromium projects, see the technical discussion groups for Chromium and Chromium OS.