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Startup tracing with memory profiling

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There are two ways to perform memory tracing at startup:

Simple way with default configuration (one memory dump every 250 ms., one detailed memory dump every 2 s.)

$chrome --no-sandbox \

--trace-startup=-*,disabled-by-default-memory-infra \

--trace-startup-file=/tmp/trace.json \


Then just load /tmp/trace.json in chrome://tracing

Advanced, memory tracing configuration

If you need more advanced configuration (e.g., higher granularity dumps, no need for detailed memory dumps) specify a custom trace config file, as follows:

$ cat > /tmp/trace.config


"startup_duration": 4,

"result_file": "/tmp/trace.json",

"trace_config": {

"included_categories": ["disabled-by-default-memory-infra"],

"excluded_categories": ["*"],

"memory_dump_config": {

"triggers": [

{"mode":"light", "periodic_interval_ms": 50},

{"mode":"detailed", "periodic_interval_ms": 1000}





$chrome --no-sandbox --trace-config-file=/tmp/trace.config