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Animations Team

The animations team is an engineering team that aims to enable web developers to deliver a smoother more responsive web.
The team is responsible for maintaining and improving the animations infrastructure, correctly effecting threaded scrolling and related effects (fixed/sticky position, scroll snapping, etc) in the composited property trees, and ensuring that sufficient targeting and hit testing information is generated from Blink.

See also our concrete quarterly objectives.


  • Performance - Smooth user interaction and animations (reliable 60fps on today's hardware, 120 fps on tomorrow's)
  • Predictability - Interoperable animations APIs on the 4 major browser engines.
  • Capabilities - Enable rich scroll and input linked effects popular on mobile applications.


The animations team is driving several ongoing efforts.
We send out an ~monthly newsletter with our activities; feel free to check out our archives.

Contact Points

The team uses a public mailing list for technical discussions, questions, and announcements.
Web archives: animations-dev

We are also available in #animations on the Chromium Slack.

Bug Triage

The animations team is responsible for bugs filed in the Blink>Animation, Internals>Compositing>Animation, Internals>Compositing>Scroll components.

The team has a daily triage to confirm, triage, and categorize incoming bugs in these components.

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