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Animations Team

The animations team is an engineering team that aims to enable web developers to deliver a smoother more responsive web.

The team is responsible for maintaining and improving the animations infrastructure, correctly effecting threaded scrolling and related effects (fixed/sticky position, scroll snapping, etc) in the composited property trees, and ensuring that sufficient targeting and hit testing information is generated from Blink.

See also our concrete quarterly objectives.



The animations team is driving several ongoing efforts.

We send out an ~monthly newsletter with our activities; feel free to check out our archives.


Mailing lists

The team uses a public mailing list for technical discussions, questions, and announcements.

Email address:

Web archives: animations-dev

We are also available in #animations on the Chromium Slack.

Weekly Meeting

There are two tri-weekly (once every three weeks) meeting held over video conference on Tuesdays and another on Fridays for planning and going over results. If you're interested in participating please reach out on the mailing list or slack and we can share instructions.

The meetings follow the following schedule:

Highlights from the demo meetings are shared in our ~monthly newsletter, see Activities above.

Bug Triage

The animations team is responsible for bugs filed in the Blink>Animation, Internals>Compositing>Animation, Internals>Compositing>Scroll components.

The team has a daily triage to confirm, triage, and categorize incoming bugs in these components.