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July 2020 Chrome Interactions Highlights Archives: go/interactions-team-highlights
<td><td>Landed 5 CLs with roughly 1300 lines of documentation
<td><td>A lot of details are missed when the interval is large such as 5

<td><td>The graph can be very noisy if the interval is too small such as 0.2

<td><td>A 1-second interval is likely a good choice.</td></td>
<td><td>The team landed 52 CLs and started a design doc (summary <a

<td><td>lanwei@ removed experimental delegation code for user

<td><td>kevers@ landed <a
to fix flaky layout tests.</td></td>

<td><td>kevers@ also <a
animation/style regressions due to recent refactoring.</td></td>

<td><td>liviutinta@ fixed a <a
to ensure that when right clicking on a mis-spelled word and contextmenu
event prevented, the mis-spelled word should not be highlighted.</td></td>

<td><td>liviutinta@ also <a
experimenta with Click as Pointer Event.</td></td>

<td><td>Everybody joined in to create <a
RTF</a> (Read this first)</td></td>
<td><td>Sent <a
to Ship</a>.</td></td>

<td><td>Sent request for official position to <a
and <a

<td><td>Sent <a
href="">TAG Review</a>
image Animations Documentation kevers@ has made a lot of progress updating documentations in Specifically, image Throughput Metrics xidachen@ started discussion on adjusting throughput reporting interval. They collected data with different reporting intervals and shown in the above graph. Bug Triage Our entire team has been working to formalize the bug triaging process. We now have a great doc that describes the triage process and our un-triaged bug is coming to 0.
Capability Delegation mustaq@ has completed the first draft of Capability Delegation API, and restarted the payment spec issue discussion. User Input Security liviutinta@ started finch experiments for Browser Verified Keyboard/Mouse Activation Trigger.
Scroll Unification lanwei@ improved many web tests by replacing eventsender with gpuBenchmarking.smoothScrollByXY. Currently there are 2 out of 42 remaining. WebDriver Actions API Spec lanwei@ added webdriver wpt tests, and implemented the wheel input source in Chromedriver.
Code Health During the no-meetings week, our team made a lot of contributions to code health. Azimuth/Altitude for Pointer Events image liviutinta@ has implemented this feature.
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