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June 2019

June 2019 Chrome Animations Highlights Archives: go/animations-team-highlights
image Lottie Paint Worklet Renderer Lottie is a popular framework from AirBnB that renders After Effects animations, allowing designers to create rich complex animations. Following up from the previous proof of concept, Rob (flackr@) created a proper renderer preparing to send a PR to land the code upstream. The response on twitter has been very positive and with the demo publicly accessible we have seen an increase in the usage of Paint Worklet.
image Jump timing functions Jump timing functions allow developers to choose the starting / ending behavior of the steps timing function. Thanks to Kevin’s (kevers@) hard work chromium has shipped these functions in M77! image Scroll snap … stop! A common use case for scroll snap is a paginated UI. Often, developers want users to be able to easily swipe to the next page. Thanks to Majid’s (majidvp@) efforts scroll snap stop has now officially shipped in M75 and used by AirBnb.
Houdini Face-to-face Majid and Rob attended the CSS working group to advance several Houdini spec issues. Notable topics discussed include: StyleMaps for Animation Worklet, cycle detection for Paint Worklet, and cheaply passing large data in the typed OM. Off-thread Paint Worklet Support for running paint worklet is steadily approaching completion with Stephen (smcgruer@) adding asynchronous paint dispatch, Xida (xidachen@) is designing animation integration, and Adam (asraine@) added fallback for the cases we can’t support.
image Group Effects Majid and Yi (yigu@) have put together a new explainer for Group Effect proposing changes to the existing draft design to make if more customizable and restarting the effort to standardize the feature as part of WebAnimations level 2. image Bugs, bugs and less bugs We’ve continued our effort to stay on top of incoming animation bugs. Over the 3 week period 13 animation related bugs were closed, however 11 new ones were opened in that same time.
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