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October 2019

Oct 2019 Chrome Animations Highlights Archives: go/animations-team-highlights
<td>Now using microtasks for finished promises / events.</td>

<td>No more lazy update of variables affecting current time.</td>

<td>Improved handling of edge cases (e.g. zero playback rate).</td>

<td>Lots of changes in the works to align with the spec.</td>
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Figure. Refactoring Blink animation logic to align with specification model. Web Animations Microtasking Kevin (kevers@) has made lots of progress in landing a major refactor of Blink animation logic to match the web-animation processing model. Main changes include: Stephen (smcgruer@) implemented accumulate composite for transform and filter properties bringing us one step closer to feature parity with Gecko.
image Frame Throughput Metric The initial version of the Frame Throughput metric has landed. We have already made a few rounds of bug fixing and corrections. Gene (girard@) and Xida (xidachen@) have been evaluating the metric to guide such refinements. imageGroup Effect Polyfilled Group Effect proposal has now a new functional polyfill thanks to Yi (yigu@). He has been using this polyfill to experiments with richer API for stagger effects (e.g., 2d staggering and delay easing) and creating cool demos.
Scroll Timeline & Animation Worklet We (Majid, Yi from Chrome with Olga, Jordan from Edge team) have completed the design document for the Scroll Timeline. We also worked on preparing a presentation on it for BlinkOn to share its current status. Majid continued on improving Animation Worklet specifications (1, 2, 3). Investing in Code Health George (gtsteel@) made progress toward removing the CSSPseudo element which is also important for launching web-animations. Yi (yigu@) fixed an issue so we no longer auto-composite scroll-linked animations. Majid (majidvp@) worked on figuring out why scroll animations takeover logic got broken without us finding out and proposed a fix.
Snap, Harder Better Faster Stronger Kaan (alsan@) has been making many improvements (1, 2, 3, 4) to our scroll snap code resulting in fixes of long-standing bugs and enables landing additional features. He also implemented tracking snapped elements which is the first part of snap-after-layout. Majid has reached out to our contact at Safari to help improve Scroll Snap interop. He worked to improve our wpt tests: upstreaming input driven scroll snap tests to wpt (keyboard, touch), fixing an issue to have 8 tests pass on Chrome. OT Paint Worklets Launch-ish This cycle Paint Worklet was launched briefly but had to be reverted due to unforeseen interactions with OOP-R. In preparation for this launch Xida added necessary metrics and improved stability (\[1\] \[2\]). We are now working to fix the newly discovered issue, improve test coverage, and relaunch.
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