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2018 OKRs

2018 Q4

Eventing Sub-team 

Add Richness to Web Platform 0.67

Worker input event routing P1 0.50
Ship predicted points API P1 0.50
Ship User Activation v2 P1 1.00
Resolve all User Activation v2 test regressions by M72 P2 0.80
Ship pointerrawmove P2 0.80
Harden User Activation code against untrusted renderer ( P3 0.20

Product Excellence 0.58

Synthetic pointer events automation  0.70
Be responsive to our users P1 1.00
Fix impactful bugs P1 0.60
Fix prominent input interaction bugs P1 0.55
Improved key inputs on Windows P1 0.30
GPU Benchmarking enhancements P2 0.00
PointerLock & MovementX/Y P2 0.50
Unified Pointer Capture in Blink P3 0.40

Code Health 1.00

--use-zoom-for-dsf in Android  1.00
Land 8 code-cleanup CLs. P2 1.00

Scrolling Sub-team 

Add Richness to Web Platform 0.70

Enable pull to refresh on the web P1 0.60
Ship Implicit RootScroller P1 0.80

Improve Performance 0.60

Hold the line on Input Performance  0.80
Passive root wheel event listener intervention ( P1 0.80
Prediction framework experiments for scrolling P1 0.50
Improve scrolling smoothness in high-latency mode P3 0.00
Remove timer to update hover state P3 0.30

Code Health 0.50

Ship Blink-Gen-Property-Trees P1 0.80
Threaded and OOPIF scroll tests coverage P2 0.00
De-flake Scrolling Tests P2 0.60
Scroll Unification P2 0.80
Fix scroll restoration issue on youtube P3 0.50

2018 Q3 

Eventing Sub-team 

Add Richness to Web Platform 0.58

Fix remaining User Activation v2 test failures P1 0.50
Ship User Activation v2 P1 0.60
Worker input event routing P3 0.10
Harden User Activation code against untrusted renderer P2 1.00
Ship predicted points API P2 0.60
Move Pointerlock spec v2 to recommendation P4 0.20

Product Excellence 0.70

Be responsive to our users P1 0.50
Fix impactful bugs P1 0.70
Move movementXY calculation to Blink P4 0.10
Direct manipulation stylus across all platforms P1 1.00
Yeti team support P1 1.00
Prediction framework experiments P2 0.40
Noisy mouseleave events on Windows ( P2 0.40
Automate pointerevent tests in P4 0.20
Enhance GPU benchmarking API surface P2 1.00
Make GPU synthetic pointer action calls consistent with test driver calls P4 0.00

Code Health 0.72

Enabling --use-zoom-for-dsf in Android P1 0.90
Use TSF instead of IMM32 on the latest Windows edition P2 0.60
Cleanup User Activation v2 interface at Web layer ( P3 0.60
Switch |WebInputEvent::Modifiers| to an enum class P4 0.00

Scrolling Sub-team 

Improve Performance 0.78

Hold the line on Input Performance P1 1.00
Make document-level wheel listeners passive by default ( P1 0.80
Async touchpad pinch zoom ( P2 0.90
Keyboard threaded scrolling ( P4 0.00
Make new chrome metric dashboard P4 0.00
UKM in-depth analysis P4 0.00

Add Richness to Web Platform 0.80

Ship Implicit RootScroller P1 0.80

Improve Code Health 0.69

Blink Generated Property Trees P1 0.90
Create concrete plan for scroll unification P2 0.30
Drive down layout test flakiness P3 0.60

Product Excellence 0.53

Fix bugs related to “scrolling does not work” P1 0.50
Fix bugs related to fling and autoscroll fling P2 0.60
Fix bugs related to scroll restoration P3 0.50

2018 Q2 

Eventing Sub-team 

Add Richness to Web Platform (#blink-eco-standards) 0.53

Resample input events on main thread and compositor P1 0.50
User Activation v2 test failures P1 0.75
User Activation v2 core implementation P1 0.45
Browser-side triggering of User Activation P2 0.70
Predicted Points P3 0.20
Resume prototyping Worker input event routing (#blink-prim-workers) P4 0.10
PointerLock v2 (#blink-eco-wpt) P4 0.00

Product Excellence (#blink-pe) 0.71

Be responsive to our users (#blink-pe-bugs) P1 0.50
Fix 10 regression bugs (#blink-pe-bugs) P1 1.00
Fix 8 bugs with >10 stars (#blink-pe-bugs) P1 0.90
Move movementXY calculation to Blink (#blink-pe-bugs) P2 0.40
Rational gesture token handling in Blink ( P4 0.50
Automate pointerevent tests in (#blink-eco-wpt) P4 0.10

Code Health (#blink-pe-code-health) 0.57

Enabling --use-zoom-for-dsf in Android P2 0.70
Cleanup User Activation v2 interface at Web layer ( P3 0.10
Fix WebFrameClient vs WebRemoteFrameClient naming problem ( P3 1.00
Use WebPointerEvent instead of WebMouseEvent Blink (#blink-pe-oopif) P4 0.10

Scrolling Sub-team 

Code Health (#blink-pe-code-health) 0.70

Flings generated in the browser process P1 0.90
[SPv2] Implement scrollbars for SPv2 P2 0.40
[SPv2] Implement ScrollTree/Layer construction in PaintArtifactCompositor P2 0.60
[SPv2] Implement visual viewport for SPv2 P3 0.70

Performance (#blink-opti-scheduling) 0.81

Improve understanding of real-world scrolling performance P1 0.70
Hold the line on Input Performance P1 1.00
Publish Integrated UMA/UKM dashboard P4 0.20

Product Excellence (#blink-pe) 0.58

Window Touchpad P1 1.00
Implicit root scroller (#blink-pe-bugs) P1 0.40
Improve Wheel Scrolling Code (#blink-pe-bugs) P2 0.40
Improve ChromeOS Scrollbar Experience P3 0.00

2018 Q1 

Eventing Sub-team

Improve Smoothness and Predictability of Input Events 0.33

Resampling input events at rAF P1 0.50
Predictive Points P2 0.00

Add Richness to Web Platform 0.57

User Activation v2 (Simple User Activation) P1 0.70
Ship InputMode P1 1.00
PointerEvent spec - Close out V2, start on V3 P1 0.70
Continue prototype for Worker input event routing P2 0.00
Spec for input for Workers P2 0.00
Improve Android Drag & Drop ( P2 0.50
Spec and Ship InputModeAction P3 0.50
Clarify screenX/Y and movementX/Y definitions P4 0.20

Performance 0.82

Hold the line on Input Performance P1 0.70
UKM dashboard P1 1.00
Clean up input metrics P2 0.70

Product Excellence 0.75

Be responsive to our users P1 1.00
Touch Adjustment ( P1 0.80
Fix 8 regressions bugs P2 1.00
Fix 6 bugs with >10 stars P2 1.00
Interoperable mouse user gestures ( P2 0.00
Rational gesture token handling in Blink ( P3 0.00

Scrolling Sub-team 

Great Windows 10 Experience 0.74

Windows 10 Precision Touchpad basic support P1 0.80
Windows 10 Precision Touchpad support gesture based navigation P3 0.50

Product Excellence 0.57

Fix impactful bugs P2 0.71
[Stretch] Subpixel precision scrolling on main thread P4 0.00

Improved Code Health 0.71

Flings generated in the browser process P1 0.60
Frame and Element Scrolling Unified P1 1.00
Keyboard scrolls using gesture events P3 0.00

Improve Viewport Interoperability 0.07

Describe visual/layout viewport in an official spec P2 0.00
Settle on an interoperable and compatible way to size the layout viewport P3 0.00
Fix interop issues related to how pages load initially P3 0.20

Add Richness to Web Platform 0.21

Web Apps can compose in views P1 0.20
Ship Scroll Customization Origin Trial P4 0.30

Performance 0.71

Improve Wheel Scrolling Performance P1 0.80
Improve understanding of real-world wheel scrolling performance. P4 0.00