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Blink (Rendering Engine)


Make the Web the premier platform for experiencing the world’s information and deliver the world’s best implementation of the Web platform.

Blink is the name of the rendering engine used by Chromium and particularly refers to the code living under src/third_party/blink.


Chromium is an inclusive open-source community that values fostering a supportive culture.


We value transparency and open collaboration. Our goal is for everyone to be able to participate, regardless of organizational affiliation. There are several areas where developer discussions take place:

Reporting Issues

We use Chromium's issue tracker (aka Web Platform issues live under components in Blink and Internals.

Tracking features

For developers interested in tracking new features, there are several dedicated channels for staying up-to-date:


Blink is implemented on top of an abstract platform and thus cannot be run by itself. The Chromium Content module provides the implementation of this abstract platform required for running Blink.

Committing and reviewing code

Blink follows all standard Chromium practices, including those on contributing code and becoming a committer. Code living in src/third_party/blink follows the Blink Coding Style Guidelines.

Launching and Removing Features

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